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Shimikaran Sabz Touba Co. (Touba Green Chemists) is established by a group of chemists and biologist in the field of plant nutrition that work specially on biocompatible iron fertilizer. We started by producing industrial materials like MCA, EDTA, … and then expanded our work for producing Sequestrene fertilizers such as FeEDDHSA, FeEDDHSA, FeEDDHSA and FeHEBD. At first we have produced EDDHSAM (EDDHSA Modified), SHBED and then we focuced on FeEDDHSA that it is best iron chelate for Iran’s soil and climate .

Becasue of toxicity of phenol, in all iron chelate we use para sulfonated form of phenol that it is  less toxic and more eco-friendly . Chelate like FeEDDHSA, Fe-SHBED and FeEDDHSAM.
General Specification
Good biodegradability and ecologically safe Having 6% Fe totally in ortho form (  Having 3.6% to 4% Fe as O,O-FeEDDHSA) For FeEDDHSA

Stable at pH=2-11

It resists against Ca2+, Mg2+ and phosphate shocks

UV-resistivity and remaining in ortho-ortho form

 Remaining in soil for more than 4 months and doing shuttle effect

 Greening of yellow leaf less than 5 days

 No phytotoxicity unlike FeEDTA, FeDTPA and FeEDDHA

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Factory : Number 5, Farhang Street, Pasargad industrial Park , Kazem abad, 18th kilometer of Tehran-saveh Highway, Tehran, Iran
Tel : +98-21-56576379

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